Faith that forgives

(The following is a summary of the message preached by Michael Larsen on Feb 21, 2021.)

Text – James 3:9-11

Today we're going to look at what James says to believers in James 3:9-11. We looked at these verses a couple months ago when we looked at James 3:1-15 and talked about the tongue, but today I want to focus just on these three verses.

Here's what he says:

In worship we praise our Lord and Father, but then in the world we curse the people that God created in his own image. Out of the same mouth comes blessing and bitterness. Brothers and sisters, this is not right. There is no way that sweet water and bitter water can flow out of the same spring.

So, today, let me give you 7 reasons from the Bible why you really should never hold on to any hurt in your heart. These are the costs of bitterness.

Any time I hold onto a hurt in my heart, ...

1. I walk out of God’s will.

Why? Because bitterness is a sin, so it's definitely never God's will for your life when you hold onto a hurt in your heart. James 1:20 says that “human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.” 

2. I halt my happiness.

3. I suffocate my spirit.

4. I harm my health.

5. It’s going to hurt many people.

6. I act like an unbeliever.

If I’m filled with resentment, then I can't be filled with the holy spirit, and I can't be full of happiness, I can't be full of love, I can’t be full of God's presence in my life.

7. I block God’s forgiveness.